owning your authority with confidence

Progressing to the top as a female leader can be challenging in so many ways. For many highly capable, talented and experienced women, numerous questions of doubt still hold them back. Am I confident enough to put myself forward for a role where I may not tick all the boxes? Have I earned my place at the table or am I promoted into an executive or board position as part of a quota list? Do I exude enough authority, credibility and gravitas to be taken seriously and respected? Am I Intelligent enough, confident enough or capable enough to do the job well? Will I be found out as the imposter or fraud in the room?

What limiting beliefs hold you back from stepping up to your desired role and making a difference?

Taking your space, being heard and holding your ground are essential requirements for successful leadership. It requires you to be brave, assertive and confident. It asks that you show up with presence and have a voice that is heard. It is about knowing how to influence upwards, sideways and downwards so you are seen as a powerful leader whose message lands with authenticity and impact.

I have a deep and genuine desire to enable women not only to break through the glass ceiling but their own mental glass ceiling and journey towards greater self- awareness, confidence and self-belief. I want to support you in navigating your authentic style of leadership that will embrace the strengths of empathy and emotional intelligence as well as setting clear objectives, strategies and goals.

This workshop is about realising your true potential, becoming the leader you are proud to be and a role model that inspires other women to do the same.

Are you seen, heard and recognised as a confident, credible and capable leader, ready for that next challenge?

With thanks: Danesfield House

The workshop covers how to:

  • Realise how you come across and the impact you have on others
  • Take your space with confidence, poise and presence
  • Lean how to embody gravitas and own it
  • Discover the power of pause to hold your audience’s attention and increase your authority
  • Learn how to use gesture to help enhance your position and message.
  • Uncover the breathing skills to calm your nerves and manage your state
  • Communicate your message with authenticity, integrity and truth
  • Inspire others through the use of pitch, pace and vocal range
  • Safely project your voice so your intention is heard and your ideas land
  • Build powerful rapport with those below, across and above you
  • Influence others by flexing your behavioural styles between credibility and approachability
  • Discover how to be seen and heard in meetings
  • Own your ideas so they do not get repeated and claimed by others
  • Hold your ground, be assertive and set boundaries so you are respected
  • Trust your female leadership style to empower and influence others
  • Learn to be brave, not perfect

“I was so impressed with Lisa’s “Impactful Leadership” session that I just knew she was the right person to help me with voice training for a radio interview. Lisa has a knack of immediately putting you at ease and at the same time, empowers your sleeping confidence – a few hours of coaching and you feel like you can command the masses with your strong, clear, confident words. What I particularly like about Lisa is that she can back up the theory with valid research with practical, physical frameworks and examples that you can practice again and again. I could immediately hear a difference. In essence, the return on investment for my engagement with Lisa is still paying dividends and is the most useful personal development training I’ve experienced in some time. I’ll definitely be back for more! Thank you Lisa for helping me find my voice again!”

Rayleen Hillman , Sr. Global Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft

~ 2 days ~