inspiring your audience to take action

Keeping an audience interested, inspired and aligned with your message can be a challenge for most communicators. Many speakers think it is the facts and details that have the greatest influence. However, in focusing just on this, their message can come across as dull, dry or uninteresting. We can all remember having to sit through such a talk and feel little to no connection with the speaker, let alone their content.

As human beings we are not wired up to absorb information this way. For centuries, before we could read and write, we have captured the attention of each other through stories. We live in stories from the moment we wake up, read the paper, listen to the news, share our personal dramas to the time we go to sleep and dream in stories. Stories are the fabric of how we live and communicate.

Why is that? When we tell stories, all different parts of the brain are activated and start to work together, combining words, logic, emotions and sensory images, so we see the whole picture and communicate our experience. We build trust, connection, respect and empathy with others through our stories. What better way to draw someone into your world and influence them than knowing how to tell the right story or more specifically your story. A well told story not only gets your business message across. It can change lives.

The best communicators and leaders have used their stories to transform people’s thinking, beliefs and actions. When we connect, relate and are inspired by your story, we are open to change. As Maya Angelou once said: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Your story has a huge potential to change how people think and feel. If you want to go on a journey to learn how to tell captivating stories that inspires others to take action, then this workshop is for you.

“Any intelligent person can sit down and make lists. But it demands vivid insight and storytelling skills to present an idea that packs enough emotional power to be memorable.” Robert McKee

With thanks: Danesfield House

The Storytelling training will enable you to:

  • Understand the science of storytelling and its importance to your story
  • Explore the different kinds of stories so you can decide which one is relevant to your business world
  • Discover the storytelling elements that enhance your story
  • Learn the key plots that take your audience on a journey and powerfully influence them
  • Understand how to structure your stories so you hook your audience from the beginning to the end
  • Learn how to package data and information so they are communicated in a memorable way
  • Discover how to use body language to heighten the images and key points of your story so they are memorable
  • Explore how you use your voice to communicate the range of emotions necessary to bring any story to life
  • Find out how to craft your personal story to communicate who you are and build the trust and credibility you want to have with others

“Lisa is an exceptional coach who brings insight, creativity and fun to all our work together at EY. As an accomplished expert in the art of storytelling, Lisa provides the right balance of support and innovation enabling us to communicate with impact.”

Antony Shields Global HR Systems Leader at EY

~ 1-2 days ~