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Here you will find an increasing number of blog posts related to my services and the continual development of communication across the world.

2022 – Will you be Surviving or Thriving?

The word thrive comes from the Old Norse word thrīfask, meaning “to grasp for oneself.” To thrive isn't just to survive. It is to grow strong, prosper and succeed. It is being in tune with yourself and flourishing! Before [...]

How to manage back-to-back meetings and still have a life!

An area that many of us are still learning to manage and where I find my clients looking for continued support is how to manage their time better in this virtual or hybrid world. Let’s face it back-to-back meetings [...]

Challenging Patriarchal Leadership – How to embrace the Feminine Wing

For centuries we have seen a Patriarchal style of Leadership – Masculine Power dominating Politics, Business, and Foreign policy – a style rooted in militaristic thinking. From Alexander the Great and his desire to conquer the world to Julius [...]

March 8th, 2021|Gender quality, Leadership Skills, Women|
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