leaving messages that change lives

Have you ever wondered how some people just have the knack of capturing your attention through their presentations with such impact and memorability? You not only leave the room remembering the message but it is as if they become the message. Imagine what this does to their visibility and profile. When you can affect positive change in anyone’s thinking and feelings, you immediately become the go-to person people want to experience more of. This will lead to greater speaking and career opportunities that will increase your presence and status.

Presentations are twofold. One is undoubtedly how you package your content. How many of you can recall sitting through a presentation where the presenter read his or her notes off the PowerPoint – often with their back towards you and the negative impact that had on you? Or you might recall times when you lost the message because the speaker rambled on or filled their presentation with so much information and jargon, you lost sight of its meaning.

Let’s be honest, putting together a dynamic presentation takes preparation and time. You need to know how to structure your content and ensure that it grips your audience from the beginning to the end. It is about helping your listener understand why they should care about your idea and what is in it for them.

The second most important part is delivering your presentation in an interesting and captivating manner so your audience is never left bored. What you want is them sitting at the edge of their seats eagerly waiting to hear more.

It is when well-structured content and powerful delivery come together that a dynamic, inspiring and influential presentation is born.

Are you able to combine clear content with powerful delivery to leave a memorable impact on your audience?

With thanks: Danesfield House

Presentation training will enable you to:

  • Create brilliant content using an exciting step by step framework
  • Discover your Big Idea and how it engages your audience from the very beginning
  • Keep your audience hanging on your every word by exploring the ethical, logical and emotional components of your message
  • Speak from your unique point of view so that you are at the heart of your message
  • Maximize your content using stunning visuals that captivate
  • Discover how great leaders use rhetorical devices to highlight key points and motivate their audience to take action
  • Confidently deliver your ideas with physical presence and vocal impact so you leave a memorable and positive lasting impression.

“Lisa’s Presentation course was undoubtedly the best piece of learning I’ve experienced. Lisa is truly an expert and a great teacher. She knows her stuff inside out, and conveys it with passion and clarity. I love the way she blends theory with practical, fun exercises that stick in your mind. I’d recommend working with Lisa without hesitation. She’s professional, supportive, positive, enthusiastic and a great person to learn from.”

Andrew Gywnne – Head of CRM, Nutmeg

~ 2 days ~