building bridges that heal

How many times have you worked with someone where you could not resolve your differences or where you felt you just did not have the resources to deal with them effectively? It might have been with your boss, peer or even your direct report. You might have allowed your emotions to get the better of you, behaved aggressively or defensively; agreed to something you really did not want to do or worse still, froze and said nothing, allowing the other person to take your silence as consent. Whenever we choose to respond in a passive, passive-aggressive or aggressive manner, you not only give your power away but can come across as weak, difficult or a potential bully.

True leadership is about having the emotional intelligence to recognise your human failings; to be able to pause, breathe and remain calm so you can be clear about your views and outcome. It is having the language skills to deal with the emotional triggers that frustrate, upset or annoy you. It is the ability to listen and respect someone else’s ideas without having to agree or condone them. It is the capacity to recognize that your needs are as important as theirs.

Imagine the prospect of building strong relationships, staying in control and getting your needs met in tandem with others – achieving what can truly be described as a win-win outcome.

With thanks: Danesfield House

Conflict Management will enable you to:

  • Develop self awareness of what triggers your emotional needs
  • Discover how to access a centred, calm and resourceful state
  • Establish an authentic connection through genuine listening
  • Move beyond a language of blame and self-criticism and discover a language that enables everyone’s needs to be met
  • Feel empowered and liberated by skillful language tools which offer choice and options in challenging situations
  • Redirect anger, fear and frustration toward cooperative outcomes
  • Learn how to make clear, effective requests rather than demands
  • Create solutions based on mutual respect and consensus

“Lisa did a wonderful job on rapport building and conflict management; her mastery of the subject was amazing! One can never be bored listening to her; she was highly innovative! As a company, our communication, team building and problem-solving skills will never remain the same! The conflict management part of the workshop has definitely changed the way we communicate both internally and externally. The consciousness is visible!”

Olugbenga Adedulu, Executive Director, Crossberg

~ 1-2 days ~