how to confidently ask for what you want

How many times have you found yourself thinking that you wish you did not have to negotiate that promotion, pay rise, inclusion or development opportunity, resources, flexible working hours, or recognition of your worth?

How many times have you said Yes instead of No to something you did not want to do for the sake of ease or because you did not want to feel guilty, greedy, or incompetent?

Women tend to avoid negotiations because of the tension created. They are afraid of how they will be perceived and the reputational and relationship damage that may ensue. They undervalue their worth and as a result, do not position their capabilities for greater career development opportunities.

Negotiation is often thought of as a one-time big event that only skilled or tough people engage in. However, the reality is that you negotiate every single day. At home, you may be negotiating holiday destinations with your partner or children. At work you may be negotiating who takes on the next project, meets up with a prospective client, or attends that more important meeting. The difference is that you have not called it a negotiation.

Imagine being able to negotiate the job you want at the price that exceeds your expectation.

Imagine confidently asking for that seat at the table and being given it.

Imagine negotiating and receiving the resources you need to help your team function better.

Imagine being brave enough to negotiate the work-life balance that enables you to have that fulfilling life and career you deserve.

Assertive and impactful negotiations are an opportunity for two or more parties to enhance their interests towards a Win/Win outcome. This builds and sustains purposeful relationships for future business dealings. This is a learnable and improvable skillset. It is a muscle we need to practice regularly to serve us, for the more challenging negotiations we face.

This two half-day virtual workshop is interactive and involves discussions, practical exercises, and techniques that will enable you to grow in confidence to become an Impactful Negotiator.

It is led by Lisa Åkesson and Adrian Evans.

Are you able to discover your value and negotiate your needs with confidence?

With thanks: Danesfield House

The workshop covers how to:

  • Develop a Negotiator’s mindset
  • Prepare for a Negotiation
  • Determine a Win/Win outcome
  • Discover your value and negotiate your worth
  • Uncover your Stellar, Acceptable and Non- Acceptable outcome
  • Explore the difference between Interests and Positions
  • Know how and when to confidently walk away
  • Discover your unhelpful leaks and how to read non -verbal cues
  • Deal with distraction tactics that could throw you off course
  • Build rapport through Pacing and Leading others
  • Explore the secret weapon of active listening
  • Avoid tentative language that holds you back
  • Know when to use the Pause to gain the upper edge
  • Manage your state through breath work
  • Know when to hold your ground and when to flex your position
  • Discover how to use your voice with credibility, clarity, and impact
  • Observe and integrate your skills through role-playing exercises
  • Become a Confident Negotiator

“I had a very narrow view of ‘negotiation’ before I attended the “Impactful Negotiation for Women” course, but now appreciate that these skills form the basis of a very broad range of different interactions. I learned best practices for successful negotiations and had a chance to practice too. I will definitely apply a lot of what I learned in every conversation. I found the workshop thought-provoking, insightful, inspirational, and encouraging. It was a wonderful opportunity to step back and get perspective on topics, which have been an ongoing challenge for me. Thank you Lisa and Adrian for all the fantastic and practical advice!”

Global VP, B2B Marketing and Business development at EF Education

Virtual Workshops
~ 2 half days ~