bespoke sessions to meet your career goals

If you are looking to gain greater insights into yourself and your leadership style, unlock the areas you feel stuck in, discover your true potential and move closer towards your goals, you have come to the right place.

In these one-to-one sessions you will discover how to become a more confident and resilient leader with strong emotional intelligence and communication skills.

These are based on a minimum of 3-6 coaching sessions.

Explore how to maximise your performance, lead with purpose and reach your full potential and goals.

With thanks: Danesfield House

“Being personally coached by Lisa has given me the confidence to tackle issues in my professional life and career progression. Lisa has helped improve my communication skills to ensure I leave a lasting impression on those who I manage and those whom I am managed by. I believe the skills and knowledge Lisa has imparted to me are valuable in having a successful and fulfilling career.  I would recommend her expert services to anyone wishing to propel their career and have gravitas when communicating with people from all levels.”

Obi Santos, Head of Customer Service, Space NK Apothecary

~ typically 3-6 sessions ~