unlocking your voice so you are heard

The moment you open your mouth to speak, your voice reveals you. Your sound gives the listener so much information about your background, habits, personality, energy, confidence and status.

How do you want to come across and be heard?

Does your voice reflect your full presence? Does it have weight and gravitas? What does it tell us about your character, authority and leadership skills?

Most people have a voice that sits in one part of their vocal range. It is either placed in the higher registers where it lacks credibility and power or in the lower registers where it lacks dynamic energy and can sound dull and monotonous.

Does your voice sound too soft? Are you seen as quiet, passive and timid? Does your voice sound too loud and are you perceived as overbearing or even aggressive? Do you speak too quickly and rush through what you have to say or are you able to take your time and land your message?

As we know, people make very quick judgments on how we sound. This happens in face-to-face interactions but particularly during phone conversations or teleconference communication. Our voices become the primary source of assessment of our presence, credibility and capability.

What do you most want to bring out in your voice so you can ensure you get the best results in your communication and interactions with others?

Voice coaching is about helping you reconnect to the vibrant power of your voice so you are heard and your message lands.

With thanks: Danesfield House

Voice Coaching will enable you to:

  • Gain insights into the vocal impact you are currently making
  • Access calm and centred states through powerful breathing exercises
  • Sound clear and articulate through the muscularity of your speech
  • Discover your personal sound by exploring your resonance
  • Find vocal variety through the use of pace, pitch, range and volume
  • Hold your listener’s attention through the power of the Pause
  • Reach your audience through projecting your intention
  • Lift your words off the page through the use of emphasis and vocal variety

“Working with Lisa has been an absolute joy. She has an amazing talent for coaching, focusing fully on addressing my needs. Her voice coaching has enhanced my confidence, my ability to communicate with an audience and to apply a winning formula. Consequently my one to one skills have improved significantly, which has thus impacted on both my work and professional relationships. She is always able to provide the right level of balance between realising my potential and encouraging an open learning environment. Thank you Lisa!”

Adrian Evans, Career Coach, Head Hunter & Author, Adrian Evans Search & Selection

Coaching Sessions
~ One-to-one or in a small group ~