letting your presence shine and message land

What is Personal Impact? We certainly recognise it when we see it in others. That powerful presence that captures you when someone walks into a room, takes their space, appears calm and confident when they speak. This person is genuine, approachable and comes across as the credible expert in their field. They are memorable and their impact lasts long after they have left the room.

This person could be You!

Imagine the You that powerfully shines when you are presenting to a small or large audience; the You who is able to pitch with impact; the You that stands out at interviews; the You who leaves a positive impression at a networking event or during a meeting; the You who leads and influences others with dynamic presence!

The truth is we are constantly creating an impact on those around us, whether we take centre stage or sit quietly in a corner. People pick up on everything about us and swiftly evaluate; how we dress, our body language, what we say and how we say it. It is the congruence between what you say and how you say it that is the deciding factor as to whether we are connected and influenced by you.

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to create a positive impression is not the sole realm of a few charismatic people but rather an entirely learnable set of skills that you can possess.

The question is, what kind of impact are you currently making and is it giving you the visibility, memorability and presence you want to achieve?

With thanks: Danesfield House

Personal Impact training will enable you to:

  • Gain insights into the quality of impact you are currently making
  • Maximise your body language for a positive and lasting impression
  • Discover the right breathing skills to calm your nerves and centre your state
  • Use pause to capture the attention of your listener and land key ideas
  • Confidently express yourself through your unique and dynamic vocal range
  • Communicate with gravitas and credibility
  • Learn how to gain insight into the other person’s world
  • Influence others by flexing your behavioural styles between credibility and approachability
  • Be authentic by enabling the real you to be present

“The ‘Personal Impact’ training that Lisa delivers is powerful and potentially life changing. In addition to sharing the sound knowledge of the theory and literature around personal impact, I found that Lisa was able to give me the opportunity to experience different ways of using my body and voice positively. This impacts immediately on how others perceive me in the workplace and the world. I would definitely recommend this work to anyone in a leadership position.”

Bernadette Mullen, Director of Human Resources, West Yorkshire Probation Board

~ 1 – 2 days ~