adapting your style to motivate others

The power to influence is an essential ingredient for any successful communicator or leader. Without the ability to inspire, motivate and bring people along with you, your words will have little to no impact on others.

This kind of leader genuinely believes in their vision and influences others with integrity. They have the capacity to actively listen to another person’s ideas before sharing how their own could enhance and benefit the client, team or organisational culture. They build trust through their words and actions, creating relationships and communities that work towards positive change.

If you are looking to develop your influencing skills on a one to one basis or with larger groups, this training will help you.

Discover the skill of shifting minds and hearts through your words, presence and actions.

With thanks: Danesfield House

Influencing Training will enable you to:

  • Recognise your personal strengths as a natural influencer
  • Explore the areas that hold you back as an influencer
  • Understand the Neuroscience behind influencing and what motivates people to take action
  • Discovering the different personality styles and how you can adapt to each type
  • Own your presence, authority and ideas when influencing
  • Discover how your body and voice can help build powerful rapport and relationship
  • Genuinely listen to a person’s needs and connect with their deep desires
  • Understand the power of asking the right questions
  • Learn how to use positive language to help others value your offering
  • Realise how the right stories can emotionally connect and guide others towards a clear outcome

“Lisa is very perceptive and quickly understood my personal aims and objectives. I learnt a great deal from attending her course on Personal Impact and Influencing and have been able to use it at work, so much so, that I am now considering taking this subject further and would strongly endorse using Lisa for training at a senior level.”

Claire Newton, Senior Internal Communications Manager – Transformation and Change, O2

~ 1 – 2 days ~