Like many people at this time, I have been reflecting on the last few months and what this lockdown has meant to me and many of my clients.

Without a doubt it has proved a difficult time for lots of people with loss of loved ones, economic uncertainty, redundancy as well as mental health problems. I do want to acknowledge this, as I know it cannot be easy.

However, I also see the power of human spirit and believe that with each challenge comes the hope and the opportunity for growth and transformational change.

Personally, this period has been a gift to me. It has made me stop and examine who I am, my priorities and what I value in both my personal and professional life. I am fortunate to live in the countryside, which has allowed me the space to do daily walks, reconnect with nature and become mindful of all privileges I have taken so much for granted. I have not missed my daily commute, squashed in crammed trains, as I travel in and out of London. My adrenal glands have been given a much-needed break from constant activity and endless doing. This period has become a welcomed time of introspection and new discoveries. I have had the chance to re-evaluate my life and connections with family, friends, colleagues and my community. It has made me question how I want to live and the coach I want to be.

Speaking to many of my clients during our virtual coaching sessions, I have discovered a number of things. Some clients have been working even longer hours during this lockdown period. Many have had to juggle the challenge of family life with heavy work schedules. One client remarked that “it is not so much working from home but living at work”. Others have been able to stop, reflect on the bigger picture and how they want to function differently. I have also heard from clients who have spent years trying to push for organisational change and have finally been heard as companies and institutions look to restructure in order to survive. This pandemic has awakened something in us all whether we are aware of it, like it or want it. It has made us look at our lives, relationships and priorities in a new way.

On of my coachees talked about how she spent years being reactive rather than responsive in her organisation; how her daily work routine had kept her busy rather than productive. She is now looking at where she wants to go, how she wants to show up and what she wants to do to make her life more meaningful. Her working world before COVID-19 is not the place she wants to return to. She no longer wants to commute 5 days a week when she can achieve more, working less days from home and having a better quality of life. In the 2 hours we had together, “Diane” had so many light bulb moments. She was determined not to sit back but step forward. She would put aside a regular time each morning to reflect on her career development and how she would help shape the new direction her company is looking to take in these uncertain times. She no longer wants to do a job but leave a legacy she will be proud of.

I feel very privileged to be part of the lives of so many inspiring clients. Whatever their situation, however challenging or difficult it may be, I feel fortunate in supporting them find their answers, navigate their own solutions and take brave new steps towards their desired futures.

Although the journey may seem long, when we finally come through this pandemic, what are the lessons and learnings you will take away? How will you carve new pathways, shape new ideas and execute your plans to reach your goals?

I know my desire it to help my clients to be clear about their purpose and empower them to become confident, brave and compassionate leaders and communicators.

I am genuinely interested to hear your insights or discoveries over this time. I believe that as we share our stories, reflections and visions, we can collectively learn, grow and awaken new possibilities for a new world.

I look forward to hearing from you.